Antonio Perez, Managing Member

Graduated from Florida International University holding a bachelor’s degree in Accounting, and licensed Certified Public Accountant in the State of Florida. With more than a decade of valuable experience in finance and accounting, I have dedicated a significant portion of my career to working with service-oriented businesses across diverse industries. I take pride in being a transformational leader who breathes new life into companies by revamping, simplifying, and fortifying financial operations to unlock their maximum potential and profitability. As an adept operations troubleshooter, I’m well-equipped to tackle financial challenges associated with turnarounds, always approaching them with unwavering confidence, determination, and laser-focused precision, even in fast-paced environments.

Made a significant transition from a lengthy corporate career to entrepreneurship, with a primary focus on catering to the needs of small and mid-size businesses. This journey led me to the establishment of a boutique CPA firm, driven by the overarching aim to provide service, assistance, and education to both individuals and entities alike. Since embarking on this entrepreneurial path, I’ve had the privilege of collaborating and building meaningful relationships with businesses in various sectors, including law, real estate, interior design & retail insurance. My ongoing commitment is to seek out new opportunities where I can seamlessly integrate, expand, and above all, deliver substantial value.